Absan Tahvieh relying on technical knowledge, past experience and proper engineering planning, Its activity is focused on designing and manufacturing air conditioners for civil and industrial projects. Maintain quality and standards, Providing pre- and after-sales services and align with customer feedback caused the company's products are used not only in pharmaceutical centers but also in all residential, commercial and office projects, hospital laboratories, hotels and shopping centers. Also, the products of this company are used in the field of cooling industrial processes in various industries such as hospital, food and pharmaceutical industries for cooling machines.

Residential complexes

Commercial Complexes

Industrial Complexes

Hospital Complexes

Technical Services The company relies on extensive experience in various fields as well as benefiting from designers and experienced engineering team, provides its pre-sale services in the form of consulting and visiting the project of projects. We providing conceptual solutions, schematic and executive map, modification of client plans, by observing technical and engineering principles according to standards. The use of powerful computer engineering techniques and advanced design software has led to our capabilities being raised to a standard level.